Monday, April 26, 2010

My thoughts, exactly.

I have been traveling. A lot, a lot, a lot. And in my travels I have had the chance to sit and read a zillion magazines, which seems to be a rare occurrance. But oh, what a guilty pleasure it is. Among my favorites is the magazine country living, and in the editors letter Sarah Gray Miller is name dropping a bit but follows it up by saying,

"I mention these folks not merely to provide a preview for the issue- or, heaven forbid, to name drop- but because they epitomize what Country Living stands for: the confidence to be casual, the generosity to make other people feel truly comfortable (instead of intimidated), and the ability to discern the difference between sophisticated simplicity and stuffy pretension. Like you and me, everyone on the following pages understands that luxury does not come from large sums of money. It's about paying attention to life's most delicious details- and taking the time to enjoy them."

My thoughts EXACTLY, Sarah.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the issue.

An easy center piece that I will be using for a party this weekend- thank you very much!
This fabulous sofa- the dresser was even more incredible but I couldn't find an image online- you will have to pick up the issue yourself to catch a glimpse!

How to: Crochet your own hand towels. These are darling.

How to: Make two old twin bed headboards into this! Yes, please.

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Jane, how I love those dots...

Lately, I have been dying over Jane Churchills wallpapers. And don't you worry, I already have one picked out for our new little girly nursery. If only you could actually feel it through your computer screen, it has this great velvety touch to it. Mine will be in the most perfect shade of blush that you have ever seen.

I can't wait to get a move on this little room so I can share it with you.

If you are interested in Jane Churchills line, whether it's fabric, wallpaper, or her actual nursery collection- you can contact me for pricing and details.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fluff n' Stuff

Here are some oversized throw pillows that I had made for my Dads new super grandkid friendly media room. Aren't they just a little (er, big) ray of sunshine?

I just have to plug my dearest design companion Kravet for always having the fabric that I have been looking all over for. They are just amazing threads- and you pay for it- but it's worth it! Their fabrics are quality, and luxury, and they are made to be swooned over. And shouldn't you decorate your house so you can swoon over it? I certainly think so- if not, what's the point at all??

Here is Cash showing off how big these throw around the room pillows really are. What could be more perfect for movie watching, and Wii playing? They are cozy and fluffy and I need to get them shipped off ASAP so my kids don't ruin them with all of their superman dives off of my coffee table. I can attest to their landing pad capabilities, that's for sure. Mother approved. Designer approved.

I want some for myself now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last month I got to fly home for the weekend and help my dad with a few projects in his house. It was such a luxury to me to be able to do this with him. It was wonderful not being tied down by kids and nap schedules- we were able to be so productive and he spoiled me with great food as well. Not only was it wonderful to have that time with him, but we think that the end result was pretty wonderful too. Decisions were made on drapery, fabric, upholstery, art, rugs, pillows, furniture, and accessories. Most of the stuff that we accomplished is still in the works so I can't show you that yet, but I did have my dad snap a few shots of the accessory job that I did above the kitchen cabinets since my camera was still MIA.

My dad was wonderfully patient as I got up and down and up and down, changing angles, adjusting heights, moving things an inch this way and a smidgen that way. He is happy with the end result, and that makes me feel very fulfilled. Or was that the 3 pounds that I probably gained from good food overload? No, it was definitely the feeling of success!

Monday, August 31, 2009


Here we are. A fresh new blog, a fresh perspective, fresh products, fresh patterns, and a fresh new business name to lead me on. I recently changed my business name and even though it is simple and unimaginative- I am utterly pleased with it. The old name was much too... much.

Here is a place where I can post things I love, things that inspire me, work that I have done, and work that I wish to do someday. Follow along if you'd like.

It might leave you feeling mighty fresh.