Saturday, September 19, 2009


Last month I got to fly home for the weekend and help my dad with a few projects in his house. It was such a luxury to me to be able to do this with him. It was wonderful not being tied down by kids and nap schedules- we were able to be so productive and he spoiled me with great food as well. Not only was it wonderful to have that time with him, but we think that the end result was pretty wonderful too. Decisions were made on drapery, fabric, upholstery, art, rugs, pillows, furniture, and accessories. Most of the stuff that we accomplished is still in the works so I can't show you that yet, but I did have my dad snap a few shots of the accessory job that I did above the kitchen cabinets since my camera was still MIA.

My dad was wonderfully patient as I got up and down and up and down, changing angles, adjusting heights, moving things an inch this way and a smidgen that way. He is happy with the end result, and that makes me feel very fulfilled. Or was that the 3 pounds that I probably gained from good food overload? No, it was definitely the feeling of success!

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