Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fluff n' Stuff

Here are some oversized throw pillows that I had made for my Dads new super grandkid friendly media room. Aren't they just a little (er, big) ray of sunshine?

I just have to plug my dearest design companion Kravet for always having the fabric that I have been looking all over for. They are just amazing threads- and you pay for it- but it's worth it! Their fabrics are quality, and luxury, and they are made to be swooned over. And shouldn't you decorate your house so you can swoon over it? I certainly think so- if not, what's the point at all??

Here is Cash showing off how big these throw around the room pillows really are. What could be more perfect for movie watching, and Wii playing? They are cozy and fluffy and I need to get them shipped off ASAP so my kids don't ruin them with all of their superman dives off of my coffee table. I can attest to their landing pad capabilities, that's for sure. Mother approved. Designer approved.

I want some for myself now.