Monday, April 26, 2010

My thoughts, exactly.

I have been traveling. A lot, a lot, a lot. And in my travels I have had the chance to sit and read a zillion magazines, which seems to be a rare occurrance. But oh, what a guilty pleasure it is. Among my favorites is the magazine country living, and in the editors letter Sarah Gray Miller is name dropping a bit but follows it up by saying,

"I mention these folks not merely to provide a preview for the issue- or, heaven forbid, to name drop- but because they epitomize what Country Living stands for: the confidence to be casual, the generosity to make other people feel truly comfortable (instead of intimidated), and the ability to discern the difference between sophisticated simplicity and stuffy pretension. Like you and me, everyone on the following pages understands that luxury does not come from large sums of money. It's about paying attention to life's most delicious details- and taking the time to enjoy them."

My thoughts EXACTLY, Sarah.

Here are a few of my favorite things from the issue.

An easy center piece that I will be using for a party this weekend- thank you very much!
This fabulous sofa- the dresser was even more incredible but I couldn't find an image online- you will have to pick up the issue yourself to catch a glimpse!

How to: Crochet your own hand towels. These are darling.

How to: Make two old twin bed headboards into this! Yes, please.


  1. I love this magazine too! And perhaps a bit embarassingly, I also get Southern Living, and it makes me so happy for some reason. I just love seeing how welcoming these women are and how their homes become their centers of hospitality, their havens really. Such a great way to think about decorating!

  2. How great is getting time to read a magazine...or just look at the gorgeous pictures! I am so glad you blog stalked me! I am starting a blog for the furniture I have been refinishing, so i will have to keep you posted on when it is up and running! loves

  3. I am stunned! What a beautiful transformation!
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